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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Greek-British cooperation in education

From eKathimerini

"Ambassador Kate Smith noted that 11,000 Greeks are studying in Britain today and that there are about 300,000 alumni of British universities in Greece".

"The message of the forum was that as Greece and Britain move toward a new era in relations, both countries need to strengthen cooperation and that there are opportunities for this. Despite – or because of – Brexit there could be similar potential for mutual gains in the sciences and culture, in health, shipping, defense, banking, trade, real estate management, and many, many more sectors".

Dorset Landscape Photography; Windrose Media Trust Archive Films and Audio

From YouTube/Windrose Rural Media Trust

From the same source:

Bridport and West Bay, Margery Hookings

Close Encounters Media Trail

Reflections on West Bay (audio)

A New Blues

An old Helen Humes blues from 1938, new to me (I've never listened to Helen Humes before):

Count Basie (feat. Helen Humes) – Blues with Helen; Lester Young on clarinet

Another track with a Helen Humes vocal and a Lester Young solo:

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (1939)

They Raided The Joint (1947)

Million Dollar Secret (1950)

Helen Humes' later R 'n' B style- I'm gonna let him ride

Married Man Blues

Sneaking Around With You

Friday, 18 May 2018

Train Your Brain: Learn a language - Delay dementia

Whether you learn to play a musical instrument or speak another language, you’re training your brain to be more efficient, suggests a Baycrest study.

Different neural activities support auditory working memory in musicians and bilinguals, The New York Academy of Sciences (abstract)

"Musical training and bilingualism benefit executive functioning and working memory (WM)"

Learning a language or playing an instrument can ‘make brain more efficient and slow dementia onset’, inews

“These findings show that musicians and bilinguals require less effort to perform the same task, which could also protect them against cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia.”
Dr. Claude Alain

Waste Management for Small Islands; Some Guidelines and Case Studies

The Answer for Remote Islands, Waste Management World

"SITA's waste to energy plant on the Isle of Man handles all of the island's waste and exports 5 MW to the grid - around 10% of the islands needs".

"In the past there have been plenty of examples of inappropriate waste management on small or remote islands, with very little attempt at adopting a sustainable approach that protects the local environment. On many small remote islands across Europe – and across the globe – indiscriminate dumping of waste was often the norm, with open burning and sometimes the tipping of the residue in a remote corner of the island. For example, for many years on the Greek island of Santorini waste was tipped over a high cliff. However this is no longer practiced and great strides have been made across many of the Greek islands in addressing these issues".

"Population critical - There are examples of larger islands having the capacity to develop modern facilities, and to attract the investment required to do so. Two recent examples include the Isle of Man (population of 85,000) and Jersey (population of 98,000), both of which have state-of-the-art waste to energy facilities in place. A third example is the Western Isles (population of 26,000) off the north-western coast of Scotland, where a new integrated waste treatment facility has fairly recently been commissioned".

Could Corfu learn from the Isle of Man or from Jersey?

Codes of Practice for Waste Management on Islands, EU manual (pdf)

Cayman Islands Garbage Disposal Guidelines

Solid Waste Management in Small Island Destinations, Teoros

Waste Management on Bermuda

"The primary role of incineration in Bermuda's waste management plan is to reduce the volume of combustible waste by up to 90% to minimize the reliance on land filling as the primary means of solid waste disposal. A secondary and important function of the facility is to extract energy from the gasses to produce electricity for the facility and to export to the local power company (BELCO) grid".

Anaerobic digestion


Rainbarrow Farm, Poundbury - biogas produced by anaerobic digestion

BEST PRACTICE EXAMPLE of an existing bio-methane gas grid injection plant  (pdf)

Anaerobic Digestion – production of biogas

"In the biogas plant, the energy is harvested as biogas and used as a fuel for a biogas engine which produces electricity and heat. Alternatively, the biogas could also be fed into a natural gas grid or be used as a vehicle fuel".