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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Pesticides on Fruit and Vegetables

Which French fruits and vegetables are most likely to be contaminated with pesticides? Emma Beswick, Euronews

"Which fruits were most contaminated?

Topping the ranking for fruits were grapes with 89% of samples containing pesticide residues.

Which vegetables were most contaminated?

As for vegetables, celery stalks showed the highest levels of pesticide contamination at 85%."

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Augustus John and Henry Lamb: two exhibitions (Poole and Salisbury Museums)

Major exhibition of work of leading 20th century British artist to go on show in Poole, Bournemouth Echo

Jade Grassby writes:

"A MAJOR exhibition of the work of one of the towering figures of twentieth century British art will be shown at Poole Museum this year. Co-curated by the writer and art historian David Boyd Haycock, and organised in partnership with The Salisbury Museum, ‘Augustus John: Drawn from Life’ will open on May 26 and run until September 30. The Salisbury Museum will be host to a similar Augustus John exhibition in 2019 and is curating an exhibition about Henry Lamb in 2018 which will, in turn, come to Poole next year".

Conference in Thessaloniki - 10 to 13 May, 2018; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - THE MACEDONIAN FRONT 1915 - 1918 POLITICS, SOCIETY & CULTURE IN TIME OF WAR


Information here (pdf file)

"From Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 May 2018 the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will hold an international conference marking the 100 years since the end of the First World War. This will take place in Thessaloniki at The Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, next to the campus of the Aristotle University. The Aristotle University, King’s College London, the Imperial War Museum and the British School at Athens are all represented on the Organising Committee. The event will be under the auspices of the British Embassy Athens. Our aim is to offer the public of Thessaloniki, especially university students, a conference of a high scholarly level, which will promote the knowledge and sustain the memory of the First World War, a momentous event for the history of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece and indeed all the European countries involved. The emphasis will be on the ‘other’ aspects of the Great War, i.e. political, economic, social and cultural, without neglecting military operations or diplomacy. Parallel events will include an exhibition of documents and photographs organised at the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive of the Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece".

Provisional List of Speakers (pdf file)


Salonika Remembers

Neanderthals and Art

Drawings of Representational Images by Upper Paleolithic Humans and their Absence in Neanderthals Might Reflect Historical Differences in Hunting Wary Game, Abstract, Richard G. Coss, Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture

Did Neanderthals' poor art ability contribute to their extinction? The Telegraph, Henry Bodkin