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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

"To Zagori Mas"; Frixos Tziovas

On Saturday I went to pay for my annual subscription to the excellent periodical "To Zagori Mas". at Kalli Kiriazi's perfume shop (miropoleio) in Lord Byron Street, Ioannina. Kalli is the daughter of the founder of the periodical.

As I could not find a book by Frixos Tziovas in the Ioannina bookshops, I asked her is she knew where I might be able to locate a copy of this collection of his short stories..

Kalli very kindly arranged for me to obtain a copy. I am extremely grateful to her.

Frixos Tziovas was born in 1919, in Dovra (Asprangeloi): Γεννήθηκε το 1919 στους Ασπραγγέλους (Δοβρά) Ζαγορίου.

London: Barristers and Clerks

The Exquisitely English (and Amazingly Lucrative) World of London Clerks, Bloomberg Businessweek, Simon Akam

Rousing all Rebels

One of the fifties' instrumentals (1958) that roused the rebel in me!

Elaborate staging, Duane Eddy, Rebel Rouser:

Video, July 1958

Video, May 1959

Review of tune

A note on the possible source

My listening of choice when re-reading Albert Camus's philosophical work, The Rebel  (L’Homme Révolté , 1951)!

Maybe the music won out at times, or conveyed a stronger, clearer message...

Another rebel-rousing hit, Cannonball

Three-30 Blues

Kenya: The World's Most Expensive Election Campaign?

The World's Most Expensive Election Campaign? BBC World Service, Radio

"Kenya could have the most expensive election campaign per head in the world. That's according to data from the Kenyan treasury just two weeks before the country goes to the polls. The BBC's Will Bain reports on the country's extravagant campaign culture".

The Black Sea: Diving Deep (BBC, Radio)

Fascinating radio programme:

On the Black Sea: Diving Deep

"The unique properties of the Black Sea make it an archaeologist’s dream but an ecologist’s nightmare. Most of its water is almost devoid of life, so medieval shipwrecks are perfectly preserved. But wildlife is under threat. On his journey across the sea, presenter Tim Whewell dives under the waves to explore its layers of history – and layers of life and death. He joins marine archaeologists investigating the secrets of a prehistoric settlement and meets the biologists counting dolphins. They say growing political tensions are blocking vital conservation efforts".

Producer Monica Whitlock

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Dr. Kalliopi Stara, Cultural Ecologist; ΚΑΛΛΙΟΠΗ ΣΤΑΡΑ; Centuries-Old Trees and the Conservation of Biodiversity

An impressive and important educational pack for Greek schools, produced by a team from the University of Ioannina:

The pack includes Dr. Stára's outstanding and consciousness-raising short story about the fate of one special tree:

Excerpt (with permission)

Also included is this splendid book about the majestic old trees of Zagori and Konitsa:

A photo (copyright Dr. Stára; reproduced with permission) of the huge tree in Iliohori: 

This pack of materials (which also includes workbooks) gives us all hope that the protection of the environment and of biodiversity is now firmly on the agenda in Greece, a country which has an ancient tradition of preserving sacred groves, forests and trees.

Further information, from a past posting:

Stara, K. (2012). Trees and the sacred in modern Greece. Langscape (Terralingua), Sacred Natural Sites: Sources of Biocultural Diversity, (2):11, 60-63.

From Protothema:

"An effort to survey the groves began in 2003 with financial support from the Greek Ministry of Environment and the EU. A new interdisciplinary project based at the University of Ioannina that aims to study the biocultural value of the groves is titled “Conservation through Religion: the Sacred Groves of Epirus” (SAGE, 2012-2015). A total of 38 social and natural scientists from Greece and abroad have been involved in this project that has received the local community’s positive interest".

The Sacred Forests of the villages of Zagori and Konitsa

"In the mountains of Northwest Greece Sacred Natural Sites constitute distinctive features of the cultural landscapes of the area. These are either groves or groups of ancient trees around chapels or sacred forests".

Pdf file - Τα μεγαλειώδη δέντρα του Ζαγορίου και της Κόνιτσας, Καλλιόπη Στάρα

Τα αιωνόβια δέντρα του Ζαγορίου: τόποι ιστορικής αναφοράς και σύµβολα ιερότητας

Religion and the Management of the Commons. The Sacred Forests of Epirus

See also: Stara, K. (2012). Trees and the sacred in modern Greece. Langscape (Terralingua), Sacred Natural Sites: Sources of Biocultural Diversity, (2):11, 60-63.