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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

"To Zagori Mas"; Frixos Tziovas

On Saturday I went to pay for my annual subscription to the excellent periodical "To Zagori Mas". at Kalli Kiriazi's perfume shop (miropoleio) in Lord Byron Street, Ioannina. Kalli is the daughter of the founder of the periodical.

As I could not find a book by Frixos Tziovas in the Ioannina bookshops, I asked her is she knew where I might be able to locate a copy of this collection of his short stories..

Kalli very kindly arranged for me to obtain a copy. I am extremely grateful to her.

Frixos Tziovas was born in 1919, in Dovra (Asprangeloi): Γεννήθηκε το 1919 στους Ασπραγγέλους (Δοβρά) Ζαγορίου.

London: Barristers and Clerks

The Exquisitely English (and Amazingly Lucrative) World of London Clerks, Bloomberg Businessweek, Simon Akam

Rousing all Rebels

One of the fifties' instrumentals (1958) that roused the rebel in me!

Elaborate staging, Duane Eddy, Rebel Rouser:

Video, July 1958

Video, May 1959

Review of tune

A note on the possible source

My listening of choice when re-reading Albert Camus's philosophical work, The Rebel  (L’Homme Révolté , 1951)!

Maybe the music won out at times, or conveyed a stronger, clearer message...

Another rebel-rousing hit, Cannonball

Three-30 Blues

Kenya: The World's Most Expensive Election Campaign?

The World's Most Expensive Election Campaign? BBC World Service, Radio

"Kenya could have the most expensive election campaign per head in the world. That's according to data from the Kenyan treasury just two weeks before the country goes to the polls. The BBC's Will Bain reports on the country's extravagant campaign culture".

The Black Sea: Diving Deep (BBC, Radio)

Fascinating radio programme:

On the Black Sea: Diving Deep

"The unique properties of the Black Sea make it an archaeologist’s dream but an ecologist’s nightmare. Most of its water is almost devoid of life, so medieval shipwrecks are perfectly preserved. But wildlife is under threat. On his journey across the sea, presenter Tim Whewell dives under the waves to explore its layers of history – and layers of life and death. He joins marine archaeologists investigating the secrets of a prehistoric settlement and meets the biologists counting dolphins. They say growing political tensions are blocking vital conservation efforts".

Producer Monica Whitlock

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Dr. Kalliopi Stara, Cultural Ecologist; ΚΑΛΛΙΟΠΗ ΣΤΑΡΑ; Centuries-Old Trees and the Conservation of Biodiversity

An impressive and important educational pack for Greek schools, produced by a team from the University of Ioannina:

The pack includes Dr. Stára's outstanding and consciousness-raising short story about the fate of one special tree:

Excerpt (with permission)

Also included is this splendid book about the majestic old trees of Zagori and Konitsa:

A photo (copyright Dr. Stára; reproduced with permission) of the huge tree in Iliohori: 

This pack of materials (which also includes workbooks) gives us all hope that the protection of the environment and of biodiversity is now firmly on the agenda in Greece, a country which has an ancient tradition of preserving sacred groves, forests and trees.

Further information, from a past posting:

Stara, K. (2012). Trees and the sacred in modern Greece. Langscape (Terralingua), Sacred Natural Sites: Sources of Biocultural Diversity, (2):11, 60-63.

From Protothema:

"An effort to survey the groves began in 2003 with financial support from the Greek Ministry of Environment and the EU. A new interdisciplinary project based at the University of Ioannina that aims to study the biocultural value of the groves is titled “Conservation through Religion: the Sacred Groves of Epirus” (SAGE, 2012-2015). A total of 38 social and natural scientists from Greece and abroad have been involved in this project that has received the local community’s positive interest".

The Sacred Forests of the villages of Zagori and Konitsa

"In the mountains of Northwest Greece Sacred Natural Sites constitute distinctive features of the cultural landscapes of the area. These are either groves or groups of ancient trees around chapels or sacred forests".

Pdf file - Τα μεγαλειώδη δέντρα του Ζαγορίου και της Κόνιτσας, Καλλιόπη Στάρα

Τα αιωνόβια δέντρα του Ζαγορίου: τόποι ιστορικής αναφοράς και σύµβολα ιερότητας

Religion and the Management of the Commons. The Sacred Forests of Epirus

See also: Stara, K. (2012). Trees and the sacred in modern Greece. Langscape (Terralingua), Sacred Natural Sites: Sources of Biocultural Diversity, (2):11, 60-63.

Corfu, Greece: Fire in Loutses/Old Perithia, Wooded Areas

Corfu TV News - Κέρκυρα: Μαίνονται πύρινα μέτωπα σε δασικές εκτάσεις σε Παλιά Περίθεια – Λούτσες

Διαβάστε περισσότερα στο Corfu Tv News -

Corfu Press: Σε εξέλιξη η φωτιά σε Λούτσες-Περίθεια

Corfu Voice: Κέρκυρα: Μεγάλη φωτιά ξέσπασε μεταξύ Λούτσες – Παλιά Περίθεια

From Corfu Forum

"I have just spoken with one of the Fire Fighters who informs me that the fire in Loutses is very big and they are trying to contain it. The Electricity Supply Lines have been damaged supplying Loutses so there is no electricity available...Thankfully the wind has dropped which will give the fire fighters a much better chance of containing the fire" - Member Znord737, 10.14 PM (last night).

Greece and Foreign Rock Stars, Flashback

From Greek Reporter, Tasos Kokkinidis

There must be many more.

Great picture of The Beatles in Arachova!

Stonehenge, A Coherent Story? More Theories and Evidence

From BBC Travel: A coherent story is starting to emerge

(Thanks Chris, I'd missed this).

Monday, 24 July 2017

Dorset, Dorchester: Fresh bid to redevelop Dorchester town centre

From Dorset Echo - Fresh bid to redevelop Dorchester town centre could see shops built on Fairfield car park

A Vlach Lament (Miroloi)

Miroloi, sung by Vasilis Dimoulas (YouTube)

Another miroloi -

Μοιρολόι. - Στο κλαρίνο ο Βαγγέλης Χαλιγιάννης

Music to listen to when you are getting ready to leave...

Γιάννη μου το μαντήλι σου - Savvas Siatras

Savvas Siatras sings

I'm very sorry I missed his concert in Zitsa recently.

I never tire of this recording, a true classic:

Paidia tis Samarinas

"Brexit must stand", Niall Ferguson

From The Sunday Times - "It is not our finest hour, but Brexit must stand"

"It remains very difficult for me to imagine exiting from Brexit. I certainly see no way of reverting to the status quo ante, even if the public were to swing decisively against leaving (which has not yet happened, if the polls are any guide). Now that article 50 has been invoked, the remaining EU member states have us at their mercy; any return to EU membership would be on the standard terms, not the special, privileged relationship successfully negotiated by Margaret Thatcher and John Major. We would, for example, be asked to commit ourselves to joining the single currency. That alone makes it clear how politically unpalatable a volte-face would be...I was against Brexit a year ago, but subsequently came to the conclusion that it would be better for both the EU nations and the UK to get a divorce, for they want a federal Europe and we never did..."

Hydra Rebetika Gathering, October 6-8, 2017, Rebetology; Greece

From Ed Emery, SOAS Rebetiko Band and Institute of Rebetology, London:

"We invite all musicians, singers, dancers, friends and fans of Rebetiko to
join us for this year's Rebetiko Gathering on the wonderful island of Hydra
in Greece.

This will be our SEVENTEENTH annual gathering, and we are rather proud of
that fact.

The SOAS Rebetiko Band will provide the core music at the Gathering. We are
also inviting other musicians from Greece and Turkey to join us.

There is no charge or registration fee for attending the Gathering. However
we shall be making a bucket collection at the Saturday concert, to help meet
the expenses of the musicians.

Our dates are Friday 6 to Sunday 8 October 2017, with the main concert at
the Douskos Restaurant on Saturday 7 October (8.30pm), and a local jam
session on Thursday 5 October.

On Monday 9 October we shall be playing at the historic Apanemia club in
Plaka, halfway up the Acropolis in Athens. You are invited to join us.

And here are a couple of nice clips that give a taste of our Gathering in
previous years:

And a lovely clip from from our 2015 concert in Istanbul:

This is our Facebook page:

And the band's video website can be found at

If you plan to come, SEND AN E-MAIL (to ed.emery AT for further details about the programme, about travel and accommodation etc.

ALSO: For those of you who happen to be in London, from 25 SEPTEMBER 2017 I
shall be starting a series of SEMINARS on Rebetiko music and song. These
will be held on Monday evenings at the School of Oriental and African
Studies [SOAS] at Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG. Drop me a line for
further details".

On the Annoying Word "Narrative", BBC Radio 4, Decoding the News

Aditya Chakrabortty investigates words that made the modern world, 1: "Narrative"

My blog posting of 29 June, 2014: On The Annoying Word "Narrative"

On Samizdat, USSR

Underground publishers in the USSR broke rules in ingenious ways, BBC Culture,  Benjamin Ramm


Every Knick-Knack Finds Its Proper Place (Eventually)

All too often, it's the car-boot sale, the house-clearers...or the skip.

(and I thought they might be works of art!)

From Earth to Earth,

from Car-Boot Sale to Car-Boot Sale.

"This old man came rolling home"

"This old man, he played seven,
He played knick-knack up in heaven;
With a knick-knack paddywhack,
Give the dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home".

Children's folk-songs can be profoundly philosophical!

"Lame John in Ioannina", a story by Christos Christovasilis (1898); Χρήστος Χρηστοβασίλης, o Κουτσογιάννης στα Γιάννινα

A wonderful Epirot short story, about a lame shepherd in search of a new flute (floyera), and his first ever visit to Ioannina!

The full text of the short story

An extract:

Απόφευγε τις γυναίκες, που πήγαιναν κάθε πουρνό στο λόγγο να κόψουν ξύλα, και δεν σμίγονταν να κουβεντιάσει κι αυτός, σαν άνθρωπος που ήταν, μ’ άλλο είδος ανθρώπους, παρά με πιστικούς, είτε χωριανούς του, είτε συνορίτες του, κι όταν τον έπιανε ο γλυκός καημός, που αιστανόταν μέσα του, τι λεβέντης θα ήταν αν δεν κουτσαίνονταν, κι αυτός ο καημός τον έπιανε κάθε μέρα, ανέβαινε σε μια κοντοραχούλα κι άρχιζε να λαλάει την φλογέρα του, που ήταν από αϊτοκόκκαλο, και δεν την έβανε στο σελάχι του, αν δεν έβλεπε τα γίδια του που βόσκαγαν ολόγυρα του, να παρατήσουν το κλαδί, από την γλύκα του ήχου, και να γυρίσουν τα μούτρα τους προς αυτόν.

Όταν λαλούσε ο Κουτσογιάννης την φλογέρα, τον αφηκρούνταν όσοι βρίσκονταν κοντά του, με μεγάλη προσοχή. Είχαν παραλογίσει όλοι οι πιστικοί με την φλογέρα του κι έσκαζαν από την ζήλεια τους. Έλεγαν συναμεταξύ τους και σ’ όλον τον κόσμο ότι το λάλημα αυτό, πόμοιαζε σαν αγγελικό, δενόταν τάχα δικό του, αλλά το ‘χε τάχα η φλογέρα να λαλάει έτσι όμορφα κι ανήκουστα. Έλεγαν ότι τάχατες η φλογέρα λαλούσε έτσι κι όχι το στόμα, τα δάχτυλα κι η ψυχή του Κουτσογιάννη. Φθονερός κόσμος!

Μια μπαμπόγρια, χειρότερη απ’ όλους, έλεγε ότι η φλογέρα του Κουτσογιάννη ήταν του αντρός μιανής ξωτικιάς, κι ότι την είχε βρει μια μέρα ο Κουτσογιάννης στην βρύση, όπου την είχε λησμονήσει τάχατες ο άντρας της ξωτικιάς. Αυτά έλεγε η μπαμπόγρια, κι οι άλλοι, που δεν μπορούσαν να λαλήσουν σαν τον Κουτσογιάννη, κι αν δεν ήταν να το πιστέψουν, το πίστευαν μ’ ευχαρίστηση.

Μια μέρα, τέσσερες-πέντε πιστικοί, χωριανοί και ξενοχωρίτες, από τον φθόνο που τους έτρωγε τα φυλλοκάρδια, συνεννοούνται, κι εκεί που κοιμόνταν ο Κουτσογιάννης γλυκά-γλυκά κάτου από μια πολύκλαδη και πυκνόφυλλη βαλανιδιά, πήγε ένας τους σιγά-σιγά, σαν λαγός, κι ανάλαφρα-ανάλαφρα, σαν ίσκιος, και του την ξέσυρε από το σελάχι, χωρίς να τον καταλάβει καθόλου, κι επειδή δεν ήθελε κανένας τους ύστερα να την αφήσει στον άλλον, για να μην μαλώσουν και φανερωθούν, αποφάσισαν να την τσακίσουν κι έτσι την έκαναν αγκίδες!

Ένεκα απ’ αυτό, ο Κουτσογιάννης, το γλυκόφωνο αηδόνι των λόγγων, βουβάθηκε, χήρεψε από την αγαπημένη του την φλογέρα, που την έσερνε πάντα μαζί του δέκα χρόνια ακέρια, παρηγορώντας μ’ αυτήν τ’ αδικημένα του τα νιάτα και την αδικημένη του την λεβεντιά. Του’ρθε να σκάσει, του’ρθε να σκοτωθεί από το κακό του, για τον χαμό της φλογέρας του, και περπατούσε κα-θεμέρα με το ντουφέκι στα χέρια, για να πετύχει κανέναν αϊτό να τον σκοτώσει και να του πάρει τις φλογέρες του. Αλλά δεν είναι πολύ εύκολο να σκοτώσει κανείς αϊτό, γιατί δεν ζυγώνεται καλοπίχειρα, πετάει-πετάει πολύ ψηλά κι έχει φωλιά σ’ απάτητους γκρεμούς. Πέρασε έτσι το καλοκαίρι, πέρασε ο χινόπωρος, πέρασε κι ο χειμώνας και μπήκε η άνοιξη με τον Μάη, κι ο καημένος ο Κουτσογιάννης βρίσκονταν ακόμα χωρίς φλογέρα! Τα λόγγα κι οι ρεματιές είχαν βουβαθεί πλειά, χωρίς το ξωτικήσιο λάλημα της φλογέρας του, και τα γιδοπρόβατά του βόσκαγαν λυπημένα και ξέκαρδα. Χινόπωρος και χειμώνας, χωρίς φλογέρα, κακό, αλλά κάτι υποφέρεται, αλλά άνοιξη και καλοκαίρι είναι ανυπόφορα. Ο πιστικός, αν δεν έχει μέσα εκεί, στην ερημιά του λόγγου, την φλογέρα του, αναχασμιέται, νυστάζει, κοιμάται και χάνει από κοντά του τα γιδοπρόβατά του. Πιστικός χωρίς φλογέρα είναι χαμένο ον. Είναι σαν εκκλησιά χωρίς σήμαντρο, σαν αηδόνι χωρίς φωνή, σαν ρεματιά χωρίς μουρμουρητό, σαν κοπάδι χωρίς κυπροκούδουνα. Η φλογέρα δίνει όρεξη του πιατικού, τον γεμίζει χαρά κι ευφροσύνη, και τον κάνει να στέκεται άγρυπνος και να συμμαζεύεται η κοπή γύρα του.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Corfu, July 23, 2017 (the usual environmental subject)

Paolo Melissano posted these photos on his Facebook account.
 I reproduce them, with his permission.

Copyright: Paolo Melissano

Kassiopi-Acharavi Road, long after the end of the strike.
  No excuse! 

Nissaki-Kassiopi Road, (c) Paolo Melissano

...and I was looking forward to a few rubbish-free days on Corfu...

A month ago (my own photos, taken with reluctance)

Delicious Fruit, Vitsa: Κίτρινο κορόμηλο

Walking down the kalderimi, after a splendid lunch in Ano Vitsa, I couldn't resist picking a small yellow plum from a wayside tree. It was ripe, sweet, absolutely delicious! I have to admit that I tasted more than one or two...(at least I got there before the bears). Plenty left for them.

Hence my simple haiku in Greek:

Είναι έτοιμο

Κίτρινο κορόμηλο

Ώριμο, γλυκό!

From Wikipedia

"Το κορόμηλο είναι ο καρπός της κορομηλιάς. Έχει χρώμα κόκκινο, κιτρινωπό ή πράσινο ανάλογα με την ποικιλία. Η γεύση του κορόμηλου είναι γλυκιά και αρωματική και διαφέρει ελάχιστα από ποικιλία σε ποικιλία.

Υπάρχουν αρκετές ποικιλίες κορόμηλων.

Η μπουρνέλα είναι μεγαλύτερος σε μέγεθος καρπός και θεωρείται ο πιο εύγευστος. Γίνεται και λικέρ στις χώρες της Ανατολικής Ευρώπης που είναι γνωστό με την ονομασία σλίβοβιτς (σλιβοβίτσα ή σλεμποβίτσα στα Σέρβικα).

Τα πράσινα κορόμηλα έχουν αρωματική νόστιμη γλυκόξινη γεύση.

Τα κίτρινα είναι τα μικρότερα του είδους και τα πιο γλυκά".

The Mirabelle Plum

UK - NHS units' surgery ban on obese people and smokers

From The Sunday Times, July 23, 2017

Tsoukas Monastery, Ioannina; Ιερά Μονή Παναγίας Τσούκας, Ιωάννινα.

A note for a future visit:

Ιερά Μονή Παναγίας Τσούκας, Ιωάννινα.

YouTube: Μονή Τσούκας

More about the monastery

Visit by car

Dorset, UK: Changes to Bus Services, July 2017

Changes to Dorset Bus Services from 22 July 2017, pdf

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Eagle Huntress, Zagoriwood, Kato Pedina, Open-Air Cinema

Celebrities in the audience

Rate of Exchange? 88 Euro Cents for £1!

The Guardian (via MSN): "Britons travelling to Europe offered just 88 euro cents for £1"

"British holidaymakers heading to Europe for this weekend’s big getaway are being offered what may be the worst ever foreign exchange rates at British airports – in one case, just 88 euro cents for every pound they hand over".

Time to go home!

Zagori Mountain Marathon: Runners and Watchers

Australia's Greek Migrants

From Greek Reporter - Australia: Where Greek Migrants Got a Second Chance at a New Life

Living Longer Lives: Blessing or Curse? BBC; "Granny-Dumping"

From BBC World Service (50 minutes)

"Half of all people born in industrialised countries today can expect to live to 100. What implications does that have for individuals and for societies around the world? Owen Bennett Jones and his guests discuss the many issues arising from an ageing society".

An interesting discussion - especially about the increasing challenges of providing adequate care, and the rapid ageing of some less wealthy societies; and the important role of immigrants.

Norway: The World of a Sami Reindeer Herder

The beautiful world of a Sami reindeer herder, BBC

Spirit of the Midnight Sun (Heart and Soul), BBC World Service

"The nomadic Sámi people of northern Europe believe that the animals, plants and rocks, they share their land with possess a soul.

The Sami’s wordless spiritual songs called a Yoik – but they are stillbanned in Norway’s Lutheran churches despite being a core part of the Sami worship for thousands of years.

Story-telling performed in sacred locations along the coastline, including the site where hundreds of Sami men and women were burned for witchcraft in the 1800’s.

As Norway basks in 22-hour daylight summer, Peter Curran meets the Sami people who are keeping these ancient traditions and a spirituality alive at the same time fearing that the creeping modernisation is threatening the delicate environmental balance."

Presenter and Producer: Peter Curran

More (related):

From Our Own Correspondent: Sing a Song of Sami Pride - BBC World Service

Friday, 21 July 2017

An Epirot Lament

An Epirot Lament  (YouTube)

Μαριόλα - Mariola (Χαλιγιάννης Κωνσταντίνος)


Dorset: pylon removal plans under consultation

Dorset AONB pylon removal plans under consultation, BBC News

"Plans to remove a section of overhead pylons in Dorset's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) have opened to public consultation. National Grid wants to bury overhead power lines along a five-mile (8km) stretch of the county near the villages of Martinstown and Winterbourne Abbas".

Reginald's Peace Poem, by Saki (1904)

Edwardian wit

Reginald's Peace Poem by  Saki (H.H. Munro, Hector Hugh Munro, 18 December 1870 – 14 November 1916):

"I'm writing a poem on Peace," said Reginald, emerging from a sweeping operation through a tin of mixed biscuits, in whose depths a macaroon or two might yet be lurking.

   "Something of the kind seems to have been attempted already," said the Other.

    "Oh, I know; but I may never have the chance again. Besides, I've got a new fountain pen. I don't pretend to have gone on any very original lines; in writing about Peace the thing is to say what everybody else is saying, only to say it better. It begins with the usual ornithological emotion -

           'When the widgeon westward winging
            Heard the folk Vereeniginging,
            Heard the shouting and the singing'" -

    "Vereeniginging is good, but why widgeon?"

    "Why not? Anything that winged westward would naturally begin with a W."

     "Need it wing westward?"

     "The bird must go somewhere. You wouldn't have it hang around and look foolish. Then I've brought in something about the heedless hartebeest galloping over the deserted veldt."

     "Of course you know it's practically extinct in those regions?"

      "I can't help that, it gallops so nicely. I make it have all sorts of unexpected yearnings -

            'Mother, may I go and maffick, 
            Tear around and hinder traffic?'

Of course you'll say there would be no traffic worth bothering about on the bare and sun-scorched veldt, but there's no other word that rhymes with maffick."


        Reginald considered. "It might do, but I've got a lot about angels later on. You must have angels in a Peace poem; I know dreadfully little about their habits."

       "They can do unexpected things, like the hartebeest."

       "Of course. Then I turn on London, the City of Dreadful Nocturnes, resonant with hymns of joy and thanksgiving -

          'And the sleeper, eye unlidding,
           Heard a voice for ever bidding 
           Much farewell to Dolly Gray;
           Turning weary on his truckle- 
           Bed he heard the honey-suckle 
           Lauded in apiarian lay.'

Longfellow at his best wrote nothing like that."

     "I agree with you."

     "I wish you wouldn't. I've a sweet temper, but I can't stand being agreed with. And I'm so worried about the aasvogel."

   Reginald stared dismally at the biscuit-tin, which now presented an unattractive array of rejected cracknels.

     "I believe," he murmured, "if I could find a woman with an unsatisfied craving for cracknels, I should marry her."

     "What is the tragedy of the aasvogel?" asked the Other sympathetically.

     "Oh, simply that there's no rhyme for it. I thought about it all the time I was dressing--it's dreadfully bad for one to think whilst one's dressing--and all lunch-time, and I'm still hung up over it. I feel like those unfortunate automobilists who achieve an unenviable motoriety by coming to a hopeless stop with their cars in the most crowded thoroughfares. I'm afraid I shall have to drop the aasvogel, and it did give such lovely local colour to the thing."

      "Still you've got the heedless hartebeest."

      "And quite a decorative bit of moral admonition--when you've worried the meaning out -

          'Cease, War, thy bubbling madness that the wine shares, 
           And bid thy legions turn their swords to mine shares.'

Mine shares seems to fit the case better than ploughshares. There's lots more about the blessings of Peace, shall I go on reading it?"

      "If I must make a choice, I think I would rather they went on with the war."

An Old Country Song: "If Looks Could Kill"

Heard on the radio in the mountains of Epirus, Greece: a great country song with a clever lyric and a talented country band:

Rodney Crowell, "If Looks Could Kill"

another video, same song

Rodney Crowell - Walk The Line Revisited

A Quilt for Ophelia

An abstract wall-hanging inspired by the Ionian Sea, made by Maria Strani-Potts.

Farewell, Ellada

One more week, only: then an empty table at the edge of the sea...

Kenny Mann, The White Africans; Kenya; Film

On The White Africans, by Kenny Mann

Kenny's films (watch extracts, buy films)

I studied film production with Kenny (Iki) Mann at the University of Bristol Drama Department - at the time I never expected to be sent to Kenya (seven years later) to help set up a film unit.

Kenny's films

Nationality and Dual Citizenship; Australian Dual Citizens

'What are you?' For Australian dual citizens, that question is a minefield, Louise Burke, The Telegraph

The Cultural and Creative Industries in Greece; Μελέτη για την χαρτογράφηση της Πολιτιστικής- Δημιουργικής Βιομηχανίας στην Ελλάδα

Mapping the Cultural and Creative Industries in Greece, Greek News Agenda

Executive summary in English (pdf)

Μελέτη για την χαρτογράφηση της Πολιτιστικής- Δημιουργικής Βιομηχανίας στην Ελλάδα (pdf)

Talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger

David Rennie, The Economist's 1843 Magazine

Dorset: Jo Draper Tributes

Tributes paid to writer and Lyme Regis Museum researcher Jo Draper, Bridport and Lyme Regis News

"Jo Draper died on Friday, June 23, at the age of 68 and was famous in Dorset for having written a number of books and articles on the county, a place she developed a lifelong passion for.

Perhaps her most lauded work was Dorset the Complete Guide, the first edition of which took her more than three years to write, with the author visiting every place she mentioned in the work".

Britons in Europe and the right to live in another EU country; Healthcare Insurance implications and other drawbacks

From The Guardian via MSN - Britons living in Europe could lose right to live in another EU country

"British people living in the European Union could lose the right to live in another EU member state after Brexit, it emerged at the end of talks in Brussels. British officials raised the issue with their European counterparts during three-and-a-half days of intense technical talks on Brexit. The EU made clear it would not move without a reciprocal offer for European nationals living in Britain that would allow them to move to another EU country and return to the UK".

EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier highlights split on expats' rights. Deutsche Welle

Britons face losing healthcare in Europe as EU toughens Brexit stance, Telegraph

"British tourists and business travellers will lose free healthcare in Europe, under hardline proposals put forward by the European Union during Brexit negotiations in Brussels. European Commission officials told their British counterparts that the UK will be thrown out of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) system after the 29 March 2019 withdrawal date".

Britain faces up to Brexit - As long as the government stays in denial about Brexit’s drawbacks, the country is on course for disaster, The Economist

See the cartoon...

"Britain is having a very public nervous breakdown".

What Germans think about the Brexit negotiations, DW

UK Newspaper headlines, BBC

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Το Πέτρινο Δάσος στην θέση Οξυά; The Stone Forest at Risk of Destruction; Oxias, above Monodendri, Zagori

From zagoristas, Facebook,

Παρατηρητήριο Ζαγορίου

"Το Πέτρινο Δάσος στην θέση Οξυά, κοντά στο Μονοδένδρι Ζαγορίου. Ασβεστολιθικοί σχηματισμοί, σπάνιο θέαμα και σημαντικός πόλος έλξης επισκεπτών. Χρειάστηκαν εκατομμύρια χρόνια για να σχηματιστούν και μερικές μέρες για να καταστραφούν από παράνομες εξορύξεις! Πρόσκαιρο οικονομικό κέρδος για ολίγους έναντι διατήρησης της φυσικής κληρονομιάς του τόπου μας, για όλους και για πάντα. Αξίζει?"

About The Stone Forest, from GeoZagori

Two Great Cooks; with Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver and Maria: comparing recipes!

Vitsa in the Early 1980's; Vitsa, Zagori

The old kalderimi; Maria and Kiria Anna Vasdeki

Maria and Fantina with Kiria Anna Vasdeki

Traces of Kiria Anna's blue paint

BBC Press Office Bar Chart/Graph on Stars' Pay; Salary Revelations

From Guido Fawkes

"There is no scale on the axis, accentuating the difference between the years. It makes it look like the Beeb has halved stars’ pay in two years…Worse than that, the graph leaves off 2013/14 when the total talent bill was £194 million".

Backstabbing, jealousy and rage - how pay revelations sent BBC into a tailspin, The Telegraph

BBC pay report: Chris Evans and Gary Lineker top list amid glaring gender gap, The Telegraph


Government attacks BBC for star salaries and says sums should be 'halved'

BBC pay list: the hidden names the corporation does not want you to see

BBC stars are STILL dodging their income tax: High-profile presenters routing salaries through personal companies despite corporation banning the deals five years ago, MailOnline

"The BBC pay row deepened last night after it admitted some of its richest stars use a potential tax dodge. The high-profile presenters have their salaries routed through personal service companies so they can avoid income tax. The corporation refused to say which individuals benefit from the cosy deals, which it supposedly banned five years ago".

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Lefkada, with Rory and Ophelia Allardice; Lefkas, Greece

The view from their Lefkada house (at Episkopos, between Lygia and Nikiana):

"Rory Allardice has lived and worked in France, Italy, then in Georgia, Armenia and Russia (at the time of the Soviet Union), The People's Republic of China, Czechoslovakia (as was), Poland, the U.A.E. and Greece. He has a passion for learning languages and speaks several foreign languages.

He has travelled mostly in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa and has written a series of highly personal travelogues, which are illustrated by his photographs. The books are of places which are less frequented but which have a deep fascination for the author".

We first met in Prague, Czechoslovakia (as was), in 1986.

A postcard to Prague, 1989.

Down the road at Nikiana:

Two Years Ago, in Zagori

Prague Farewells, 1989